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LEGO Animated Shorts

LEGO MiniFigures come to the Big Screen!
Well, big is relative when you’re 1″ tall. This was a new concept from LEGO: to create their own MiniFigure characters instead of licensing them from the likes of Spielberg and Harry Potter. Mike Wang, Terry Dunne and I were give the chance to develop outsized personalities for these smallest of toys in a series of short animations to appear on the LEGO website, and in the usual social video and media channels. Animated by the talented motion capture 3D wizards at Semerad Animation.

In LEGO’s take on ‘Dancing with the Stars’, a Zombie and a Nurse spinning in a not-so-delicate tango. The ‘Juggler’ features a LEGO Clown grabbing body parts and tossing them expertly in the air. While ‘Dunk This’ has the Cowboy, Zombie and Cheerleader doing their best to drop the Diver into his natural element. See more LEGO Animations on the LEGO site.

YouTube Preview Image