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Indie Film as Multi-Channel Masterpiece

Real Estate mega-stars meet Hollywood stars, sponsor indie short, attract buyers. It was a film, ‘Bubble-Rama’. Sponsored by a major developer that wanted to create an ongoing big event with lots of multi-media hooks to attract an affluent, artsy crowd. The film was accepted in over 15 film festivals across the country, winning best comedy short in several.

That was only the beginning.

Leveraging the film and its star, ‘Law and Order’ and film star Annie Parisse, every component from email to invitations, PR and news coverage became more potent. There was even a Doll-0-Gram where users typed in anything and the foul-mouthed doll from the film would give it life for socializing thru all channels. Of course, all throughout the several month pre-show, festival season and post-festival museum screenings, audience members were engaged with the sponsors subtle but effective sales materials.

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